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Quick reaction time and enhanced visibility mean a situation is under control on the road or track. A clean windshield significantly assures both of them. Even the smallest nuisance interfering with the driver's visibility brings for driver and other road users a risk of an accident. In order to minimize that risk, there is a need for proper glass protection.


Nano Ceramic Protect Glass ensures the windshield is perfectly protected. The driver gains unparalleled improvement of visibility both during a day and night. Nanomolecules form on a glass surface to provide a durable, ceramic protection. This layer repels water molecules (hydrophobic effect.) When protected with Nano Ceramic Protect Glass, the need for windshield wipers is eliminated during rain at speeds over 35 mph. The product has a high resistance to low temperatures as well,making winter clean-up easier.


The product does not leave streaks or adhesive layer! Does not smudge and improves visibility (increases contrast at day or night, leaving the glass more transparent). Ideal for front, side and rear windows and side mirrors.


NOTE: Perform this application in a closed garage or other space with no drafts or dust-laden air currents! Certainly, do NOT do this outside in bright sunlight!


Size: 30 ml

Nano Ceramic Protect Glass - 3 Month Durability

  • Nano Ceramic Protect Glass


    Directions: Degrease the surface with Nano Ceramic Remover (cleaner). Shake well before use. Work in sections and be sure ALL surfaces are covered completely. This is important. Again, if you miss a spot it could result in a “dimple” in the final polished surface. Remember, a little goes a long way. Apply a few drops on the included applicator sponge. Apply a thin layer in a cross hatch pattern (up and down, then left to right) on glass & Lens Covers. Leave for 2-5 minutes, depending on the temperature and type of surface. Using a clean microfiber, wipe the remaining crystal, flip microfiber and hand polish to a shine.

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