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Ceramic Coating Myths

We’ve provided a few of the myths we most often hear about, so you can get your facts from a reliable source in case you’re wondering.


Myth 1: Ceramic Car Coatings Are Scratch Proof

Small scratches can definitely be resisted by a Nano Ceramic Protect 9h line and the layer the car coating forms will certainly help against minor incidents that would otherwise mar your surface. For examples, driving through brush, small little knocks from bikes, kids playing, or animals jumping excitedly against the vehicles. Nano Ceramic Protect 9h line has a rating of  9H on the pencil scale. This is the highest possible scratch resistance, however Nano Ceramic Protect’s 9H line is not thick or flexible enough to absorb the impact of a rock hitting your paint at highway speed or to resist against someone purposely trying to scratch your vehicle.


Myth 2: Ceramic Coatings for your Car Don’t Require Maintenance

Another myth is that ceramic coated vehicles do not require washing or maintenance. Nano Ceramic Protect 9h line and SOFT coating will heavily cut down on the amount of washing and maintenance but not completely eliminate the need for it. The fact is if you are driving a vehicle, even if its infrequently, the world is filled with dirt and the surface is going to gradually get dirtier even with Nano Ceramic Protect 9h line and/or SOFT coating. The washing and maintenance the vehicle will require after will be with a lot less effort and less frequency. Additionally, Nano Ceramic Protect 9h and SOFT line eliminate the need for washing/ waxing every few weeks, saving a lot of money over the course of the vehicle’s lifetime.


Myth 3: Ceramic Coatings Are Permanent

Partly, this is true. Nano Ceramic Protect 9h line bonds with the vehicles surface and cures into a hard and layer. For every layer of 9h, you have another layer of protection. Nano Ceramic Protect 9h line can be removed by sanding the surface, which is why we say our coating is permanent for 5 years.


Myth 5: Ceramic Coatings Alone Provide More Gloss Than Sealants/Waxes

Not necessarily. First and foremost, the prep work done before application is crucial this is why we do what we do! If you have faded paint, haze, swirls, water marks or imperfections they will be “locked” in. Our professional staff works hard to correct your vehicles imperfections before it it coated. Nano Ceramic Protect uses a combination of our 9h line and SOFT to produce not only high quality protection but a soft and smooth finish to your vehicles paint. We provide quality over quantity. Correct before you protect!


Conclusion: Is Ceramic Coating the right choice for you?

Yes, absolutely! When you properly install a ceramic coating with us you are getting a quality guarantee. While the upfront cost may be greater than do it yourself kits and products on the market, you are getting a professional installed guaranteed installation. While Nano Ceramic Protect’s 9h line does not make your vehicle bulletproof, it does keep your vehicle protected for years, makes dirt fall off super easy, and does a better job of protecting your paint than any wax or sealant.

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