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Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric Protector is a high‐quality protective impregnation coating for maximum protection, durability, UV, and wear resistance to preserve the factory look and feel of fabric, upholstery, carpets, and soft-top/cabriolet roof materials for a period of 6-12 months. (Not for use on suede or leather.)


The regular use of the Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric Protector guarantees better resistance to moisture as well as protection from the negative effects of raod grime, common spills, and stains on the treated surfaces. The hydrophobis effect will not allow liquids to absorb into the surface, making clean-up easy.


Sizes: 500ml / 5L / 25

Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric Protector - 6 to 12 Month Durability

  • Nano Ceramic Protect Fabric Protector


    Directions: Apply to clean, dry surface. Shake well before use. Spray from a distance 6”8”from surface.Spray in a cross hatch pattern applying 2 layers. Touch dry in: 30 minutes. Time of full cure: 4 hours. Reapply asnecessary for high use upholstery such as drivers seat/floor or areas that frequently transport children or animals.

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