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CutX is a simple, professional way to clean, regenerate and revive dull paintwork. It will cut back faded and oxidized paintwork and also removes minor swirls, holograms, scratches, hazing and the greasy residue caused by inferior polishes. Tar and fly stains can also be removed. Product does not dirty plastics or seals and leaves no streaks.


  • Masks minor scratches and imperfections in paint


Sizes: 500ml / 5L / 25L

Nano Ceramic Protect CutX - Paint Renovator Price

  • Nano Ceramic Protect CutX Paint Renovator


    Directions: Shake well before use. Depending on the type of soil keep the right dilution (Minimum dilution 1 liter liquid per 50 liters of water, maximum dilution - 1 liter of cleaner to 2 liters of water.) Before use, test the product on a small surface. Spray with a trigger directly on the surface to be cleaned or applied manually using a microfiber cloth. Clean the dirty surface in a circular motion to achieve the desired effect.

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