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Nano Ceramic Protect Crystal Wax is a high quality product for protecting car paint surfaces from the harmful influence of external and environmental factors. An easy and fast (about 30 minutes) method of preparation and application, allows you to gain an excellent effect with a minimum workload. Thanks to the nano ceramic structure, the covering which you gain protects the paint from permanent impurities and environmental factors, which have a negative influence on the condition of the paint finish.


The advantage of this matrix structure allows you to save both time and money, normally devoted to frequent paint cleaning. Application of NCP Crystal Wax will provide; protection up to 3 months, UV radiation resistance, protection from environmental factors, high hydrophobicity (repels water, dirt, debris,) easy to clean and maintain, high paint glow, and nourished color.


Size: 80 ml

Nano Ceramic Protect Crystal Wax - 3 Month Durability

  • Nano Ceramic Protect Crystal Wax


    Directions: Upon completion of Paint Correction & Polish. Degrease the surface with Nano Ceramic Remover (cleaner). Shake well before use. Work in sections and be sure ALL surfaces are covered completely. This is important. Again, if you miss a spot it could result in a “dimple” in the final polished surface. Remember, a little goes a long way. Apply a few drops on the included applicator sponge. Apply a thin layer in a cross hatch pattern (up and down, then left to right) on painted surfaces, glass, chrome, plastic, rubber, & Lens Covers. Leave for 10-15 minutes, depending on the temperature and type of surface. Using a clean microfiber, wipe the remaining crystal, flip microfiber and hand polish to a shine.


    Please Note: Upon application of Crystal Wax, surface MUST NOT be in contact with water for a period of 24 hours. Do dot wash surface for a period of 1 week after application of NCP Crystal Wax.

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